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How to set creative goals and not let them go in vain in 5 steps.

Hello, My Lovelies!!

We are at the best time of the year when our minds are relaxed, we have put our work guards off and before we wear them again, we are in a state of “newness” our heart is filled with joy and hope that this is going to be my year! and Yes, it must!

Are you the one (like I used to be) who is excited to make the following year's goals, all set with planner, stickers, glittery shiney pens, or digital calendar etc. but the ghosts of the unfinished dreams are daunting you somewhere? Or the one who is happy as a bean with the progress one made?

In either case, in this newsletter, I am talking about setting up goals as a creative person (or in other areas of life/profession) and how to walk through the tunnel to achieve them in 5 steps. So sit in your comfort with some beverage of your liking + some paper, pen, or digital device however you like. Let’s go.

Step 1: Reflect and Pour

Before we begin setting up goals for the coming year it is time to reflect on the year passed and make a list. Go back in time and see what goals you set for yourself. how much you achieved, what is yet to come, what you learned, write all of them down.

Now if you are a highly functional anxious person like me who is always with a to-do list in mind, it is very likely to see unfinished or half-finished work first than the good things you did. Don’t worry write them down, clear your mind to create space I am hopeful that good things and achievements will follow.

This list doesn’t have to be in a sequence. It is a simple act of reflecting, pouring out what you have, and creating space for “newness”

For this step, I usually sit at quite with a lit candle, book & pen, and the previous year’s journal to refer to the monthly reflections. I meditate for 2-3 minutes to be calm and collected. It doesn’t take much time actually.

Step 2: Set and Pick

Now you are aware of your achievements, feel proud of yourself where ever you are in your journey, don’t compare! (as artists it's a common thing to happen). Now you have a vision of what you want to achieve this year, write your dreams and goals, you can even make a mood board. Just, don’t limit yourself, write everything you want to be but be mindful of what can be achieved in a year, you know yourself, your pace, be real. Sometimes we overestimate and make a huge huge list.

You must be having your list of dreams and goals by now, excited to begin?? Errrr... before we jump into action it’s time to be meticulous, I know... I know opposite of what I just said a few seconds ago but trust me here.

Pick the goals which are calling for you, and which excites you the most to start. Don’t overthink and don’t worry we will get back to others on the list with time. Being picky with goals is the magic ingredient, it erases the feeling of being overwhelmed and helps in focus.

Suppose you have picked the goal(s) of your calling as “to be good with a traditional medium” We will go ahead with this example as a reference, but the same works for all.

Let’s continue.

Step 4: Divide, Plan, and Rule

Once you have picked the goals, it is time to ace the game and set some actionable plans or smaller goals to achieve the bigger goal. You are smart enough to do this, just don’t overthink, overanalyze or over plan. Start from where you are

"Like to learn and be good at a medium you actionable for a newbie might look like"

Plan 1: Know about the medium

Plan 2: Use and play with the medium, don’t feel pressured of posting them on social media already!

Plan 3: join a specific course on Skillshare or Domestika (or any other platform/teacher/book)

Plan 4: Draw some shapes, mix

Plan 5: Draw a character: a person, an animal, an object

Plan 6: Draw a small composition

Plan 7: Draw a backdrop

Plan 8: Add typography

… and so on!

In other way lay down your monthly planner, set your 1st-month goal, add your small steps of action and be real with time.

Step 4: Few Thumb Rules

  1. Be consistent, doesn’t matter how beautifully you drew your first piece or if you sucked at it. Keep doing it, and practice more and more… All artists do it.

  2. Set a deadline. We either underestimate or overestimate the time. Embrace your pace but at the same time set some reasonable deadline.

  3. Don’t work on too many goals at the same time, 2-3 are okay but begin with small steps and enjoy the state of "achieving" once you are on your foot adjust the pace.

  4. Don’t fill your calendar with too many tasks and deadlines either.. a month might look big at the beginning but when it comes to practical things the perception might change.

  5. Take breaks, refresh and come back!

  6. Keep room for unpredictable things. Things go south every time we are humans but stick to your goal and make little progress

Step 5: Redefine and Repeat

At the end of the week/month map your track, reflect, and learn.

Repeat setting plans for the next month/week. Don’t feel shy about altering your plans.

Once your thoughts are aligned you will do more even with the small steps, visit your reflections and goals list/mood board we made at the beginning time and again to remind yourself why you started and, lastly, you don't have to feel motivated every day to achieve the goals you have to be consistent to reach the end of the tunnel.

Pro Tip: Connect with like-minded people.

download your free monthly planner here!

Big hug and a very happy new year!



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