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A Scoop of My Palette

Hello Lovely human,

Welcome to my blog "A Scoop of My Palette"

Hope the new year is treating you well so far, if not it will in some time. Welcome to my first blog, I feel thousands of spotlights on me making me really confused + nervous about what to write… there is a side of me saying "write whatever you like people are barely going to read it". It's a struggle to write when I don’t know how to write and when I know I barely have an audience (I also think is a positive for me, for now!)

Anyhoo! If you are reading this I've mostly blathered

Why am I writing a blog?!

  1. A monthly update of what I'm up to. Like many, I too felt that social media platforms are just a fractional part of what we do or who we are.

  2. To have a deeper connection with more people/friends by sharing my experiences and learnings and learning from them.

  3. I just wanted to write and I think I am ready to start :) doesn’t matter how much I suck at it, I'll get there!!


After many failed journalling attempts, and endless tutorial binge-watching I have finally found a way of that is working. I started journaling in some ways, a lot of time the processes were overwhelming.... I like to be creative but not decoratives all the time.

My way is very simple, I don't bother much about my handwriting or doodling style or consistency, anything and so far it's working for me! That's just me soaking in sun...

how do you guys journal?


I am getting back into the habit of regular sketching, playing with traditional mediums and digital illustrations.

I surrender myself to the god of sketching. What routine or habits do you follow to keep up?

wedding invite | ©pallaviillustrations

(some drawings)

Sketchbook | ©pallaviillustrations

#happypetsweeek | ©pallaviillustrations

I am also taking "Redrawing black history" course which is an art history + illustration class at make the arts that sells (MATS), taught by Tamisha Anthony who is an amazing illustrator, and Lilla Rogers, well who doesn’t know Lilla Rogers, She was an illustrator earlier, now she has her own study “ Lilla Rogers Studio” from where she educates, represents illustrators on an international level. I’ll be talking more about my learning in my next blog once the course is over.

In the parallel world

I am trying to be more organized, I have always been a bit organized but I have tweaked some of my patterns because I know I love staying organized there are days when I am not or I procrastinate or give up on things that are overdue and unlike older times I don’t want to get mad at me for not being up on my toes every time… My new mantra is organized people are not always busy, but they grow little by little.

I have started reading Anxious people by Fedrick Backman, it’s an amazing, fun read full of vivid moods. I also learned how to cook “Basanti Pulao” me and my husband are big foodie, and we like to cook too.


Special treat

Cheers! if you’ve made it this far, I have two special treats for you

1. illustration process video:

2. Free downloadable goodies: print them or put them as screen wallpaper


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